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Fuel & Induction System


QMI Fuel & Induction Decarbonization Kit

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Step 1—Fuel System Cleaner - A premium, high tech formula designed to clean the complete fuel system from the gas tank to the exhaust. This concentrated formula dissolves gum, varnish and carbon deposits. Highly effective detergents clean the fuel injectors or carburetor, intake valves and combustion chambers. Scavenges water from the fuel system. Lubricates injectors, valves, upper cylinders and rings, while improving combustion and reducing exhaust emissions.
Step 2—Throttle Body Cleaner - Cleans the throttle body and throttle plate. Specially formulated triple-action cleaner for fast, effective removal of varnish, carbon, dirt and other contaminants. Lubricates the throttle plate and all moving parts, and provides double protection with a corrosion inhibitor and lubricity agent in conjunction with lubricating oil to prevent scoring and deposit build-up on close tolerance components. Safe for sensitive materials and components. Ford intake manifold safe. Also safe for idle control valves and oxygen sensors.
Step 3—Induction Cleaner - A two-stage intake deposit cleaner. Quickly dissolves gum and varnish deposits from the intake manifold and runners, valves, pistons and combustion chambers. Residual cleaner continues to soften hard carbon deposits for more thorough, long lasting cleaning. Lubricates while cleaning. Helps reduce build-up in the catalytic converter and reduce exhaust emissions. This formula is safe for the vehicle, environment and technicians.


QMI Renu 500™ Fuel System Cleaner

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Renu 500™ Fuel System Cleaner contains an effective deposit control formula that quickly and safely removes troublesome deposits and carbon buildup from fuel injectors, valves and ports in a single application. Renu 500™ contains powerful detergents that help dissolve buildup and restore your engine's performance.

SKU # FS1813

QMI® Platinum GDI Fuel System Cleaning Kit

QMI® Platinum GDI Fuel System Cleaning Kit is a two-step kit that includes robust and professional formulas to tackle cleaning your fuel system. Fuel system cleaners that may clean port fuel injected engines are lacking in the ability to remove hard carbon buildup that forms on GDI vehicles on fuel injectors and inside combustion chambers.

Platinum GDI Fuel System Cleaner

  • Removes Deposits from Combustion Chambers and Fuel Injectors
  • Effective on GDI Fuel Systems
  • Improves Power and Fuel Economy
  • Decreases Risk of Low-Speed Pre-ignition

Platinum GDI Intake and Induction Cleaner

  • Cleans Away Gum, Varnish and Carbon Deposits
  • Restores Air Flow for Smooth Performance & Idle
  • Decreases Fuel Emissions

Kit No: EK21000
Includes: GL66921* & GL69121*
Case Quantity: 8 Kits
*Individual Product Not Sold Separately

SKU # EK21000


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